Inmate Program

Palo Verde College is in a unique position and very fortunate to be part of a very successful project that initiated during the 2000-2001 academic year. Since its initial start up of 50 students, EOPS has been an instrumental role in its delivery of its services to advise, enroll, register, and plan the education of our inmate-students.

The working relationship with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has become a working model for other institutional programs to follow. The EOPS Program at Palo Verde College offers its services only to one prison site: Ironwood State Prison (ISP).

Students enrolled in the program are provided the same level of services as those students served on our campus. Students at this site are visited three times per semester. Eligibility to the program is the same to inmate students. Students must be a California resident and have lived in California prior to their incarceration for a year and one day.

Screening applications are done by the EOPS Director prior to enrolling students into the program. Other criterion that is required is that students must be within a 5 year range of leaving the CDCR system.

The EOPS Director sets up the visiting dates for college advisement dates and brings a team of personnel from the college that involves members from the Financial Aid Office, Distance Education Program, and Disabilities Student Program & Services (DSPS) to update or prepare students for their next level of coursework.

Enrollment Process for Inmate Students

The EOPS program has developed a joint understanding with how students will be served in EOPS.

  • Restrict students (registration) to only 12 unit's per-term unless the student is graduating that semester. The director will need to authorize the addition.
  • Course changes- dropping and replacing most or all classes for another set of classes is not acceptable.
  • Replacing students will need to go through the EOPS Director before a change can be made. If approval, they must be done two weeks before the initial start of classes for each term.
  • Students are not to be dropped without a "Drop Card." A letter or a phone call from ISP/CVSP is not satisfactory to drop a student from a class(es).
  • When EOPS counselors drop student from a class(es) through an official registration drop card, EOPS staff will follow-up with a letter indicating what was done. A copy of the letter is placed in the file, copy for Distance Ed, copy for college coordinator, and a final copy for the student.
  • Students must also add an "Exit Interview" form if the student is making a total withdraw or the student will have to complete it at the end of each semester while enrolled in EOPS.
  • New applications- all new student applications not completed accurately will not be considered. Packets will also not be approved without an Accuplacer placement sheet. Written scores are no longer sufficient.
  • Students on probation will see the EOPS Director to determine the student's current progress.
  • Priority registration activities will be provided to all inmate students who are eligible to continue to enroll for the following semester.
  • All communication with regards to the inmate program is followed up with the Distance Education Office, ISP designee or the education principle at ISP.