Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling is offered to help enrolled Students cope with the stressors that may be impacting their academic career, or professional goals. These stressors can result in a lack of motivation, Depression, Anxiety, and challenges in family and relationships. Additionally, COVID-19 has affected the nation, including our College Community. During the pandemic, many of our students have experienced a loss of family and friends, grief, isolation, and many other problems that may influence their well-being.

Meet our Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Sandra Loureiro is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Sandra has over 16 years of experience providing Behavioral and Mental Health Counseling Services. Sandra can provide short term Mental Health Counseling to Students. Sandra may also provide Students with linkage and referrals to community and virtual resources. The Mental Health Counseling session may take place in person, virtually, or telephone.


To Schedule an appointment, please call 760-921-5526 or complete the Mental Health Counseling Intake Form


If you are a Faculty or a Staff Member and would like to refer a Student to Mental Health Services, please complete the Mental Health Counseling Referral Form

Mental Health & Wellness Resources

Riverside Network of Care

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Confidentiality and Privacy

All contacts with Mental Health Counseling Services are confidential, except in situations where legal or ethical considerations require notification of a family member or others.

Mental Health Counseling Services does not release any information regarding whether a student has used the service nor matters discussed in counseling. Except under certain specific circumstances, no parent, dean, faculty member, or other student can gain access to information about a student without express written permission.

  1. A student who has used Mental Health Counseling Services may give authorization to release records or to disclose information to anyone the student chooses. However, a request to exchange confidential information must first be completed and signed.

  2. If the Licensed Mental Health Clinician believes that there is danger to self or others, safety considerations will prevail, and the counselor will notify appropriate family members or other authority. Such disclosure is for the purpose of providing the necessary care and protection of the student.

  3. In very rare circumstances, the court may order the release of confidential information.

  4. Licensed Mental Health Clinician is a mandated reporters of suspected elder or child abuse and must notify the appropriate agencies.