Business Management A.S. Degree

The Business Management program provides students with skills, knowledge and judgment requisite for business careers. Many positions in business and government |service require general business training. Retail organizations, financial institutions, insurance agencies, and government are but a few of the employers offering opportunities to the person with general business training.


Course Title Units
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting I 4
ACC 102 Principles of Accounting II [OR]
BUS 115 Small Business Finance 3-4
BUS 105 Business Mathematics 3
BUS 135 Business Law 3
ECO 105 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECO 106 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MAN 105 Principles of Management & Organizations 3
MAN 106 Personnel Management 3
MAN 107 Small Business Management 3
MAN 145 Organizational Behavior [OR]
PSY 145 Human Relations 3
BUS 206 Marketing 3
Elective Business [OR] Management Course 3

Total Required Units: 37

In addition to the Core Courses required for the A.S. Degree in Business Management, students will also be required to meet the Associate Degree Requirements and the General Education Requirements (Option A) listed in this catalog.