Criminal Justice A.S. Degree

The Criminal Justice program is designed to provide students with the basic theoretical knowledge that will prepare them for a career in law enforcement or corrections. The program develops a high level of academic, personal, and professional competence demanded in a wide range of agencies.


Course Title Units
CRJ 103 Criminal Law 3
CRJ 115 Introduction to Law Enforcement/Corrections 3
CRJ 125 Report Writing 3
CRJ 130 Alcohol, Narcotics & Drug Abuse 3
CRJ 120 Community Relations 3
CRJ 206 Legal Aspects of Evidence 3
PSY 101 General Psychology 3

Electives (Choose a minimum of 9 units from the list below)

Course Title Units
CRJ 104 Criminal Investigation 3
CRJ 132 Family Intervention 3
CRJ 135 Spanish of Emergency Services Personnel [OR]
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I 3-5
CRJ 155 Crime Scene Investigation 3
CRJ 220 Interviewing and Counseling [OR]
PSY 220 Counseling and Interviewing 3
PSY 210 Abnormal Psychology 3

Total Required Units: 30

In addition to the Core Courses required for the A.S. Degree in Criminal Justice, students will also be required to meet the Associate Degree Requirements and the General Education Requirements (Option A) listed in this catalog.