PirateCare Center

Ahoy! Welcome to the Palo Verde College Basic Needs Center, aka Pirate Care Center.

College Mission Statement:

Palo Verde College provides opportunities for personal and professional growth to a diverse and unique community of learners in an academic environment committed to student success and equity by supporting student achievement of basic skills, certificate, degree, university transfer, and career goals.

According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the hungry, homeless, or unsafe students fail to reach their optimal potential. Studies show that students who are hungry are less likely to complete their academic goals. Food insecurity, housing insecurity, and financial wellness are intrinsically connected. There are many underlying factors that contribute to basic-need challenges. The Pirate Care Center vows to provide Palo Verde College students with resources, in addition to food, to help combat food insecurity on campus.

Students can fill out an intake form in order for the Pirate Care Center to assess and identify any basic needs that can be serviced.
Scan the QRcode or click the link here: Pirate Care Center Intake Form

The PCC presents 'The Pirates' Chest' (located in the Pirates' Den), our food/hygiene distribution service that provides food and hygiene items to current Palo Verde College students. We plan to have a monthly 'food-bag' distribution as well as a monthly 'clean-kit' distribution here on campus. Emergency requests will be available as well. Along with these distributions, The Pirates' Chest has monthly food distributions at our local Blythe Emergency Food Pantry.

Pirate's Chest Vision Statement:

"Supporting Student Success by Ending PVC Hunger"

Pirates' Chest On Campus Distribution Dates Spring 2023

Clean Kits
  • Jan 30
  • Feb 6
  • Mar 6
  • Apr 3
  • May 8
Food Bags
  • Jan 31
  • Feb 28
  • Mar 28
  • Apr 25
  • May 30

Pirates' Chest Off Campus Distribution Dates Spring 2023

  • Jan 27
  • Feb 24
  • Mar 24
  • Apr 21
  • May 19

All distributions will at:
Blythe Emergency Food Pantry
181 S. Main St.

The Basic Needs Pirate Advisory Committee will serve as support for both Food Insecurity and Basic Needs Services. We will meet on the First Wednesday of each month at 9:00 via Zoom/ or Teams.

Campus Contact:

Eric Tautala
Basic Needs Coordinator

Pirate's Chest partners: Blythe Emergency Food Pantry, PVC CalFresh, FIND Food Bank, Mechanics Bank, PVC Foundation, PVC employees, NextEra and local volunteers.

To join PVC in the fight to end PVC hunger, please use the campus contact above or contact PVC Foundation Executive Director Stephanie Slagan at 760.921.5421.