Statement of Vision, Mission and Values


Palo Verde College will be known for excellence–educationally, socially, economically and culturally.


Palo Verde College provides opportunities for personal and professional growth to a unique community of learners in an academic environment committed to student success, diversity, equity, and inclusion by supporting student achievement of basic skills, certificate, degree, university transfer, and career goals.    Board approved November 9, 2021



Palo Verde College is committed to excellence. The College expects quality instruction and services, and applauds the achievement of its students, faculty and staff.


Palo Verde College facilitates lifelong learning and encourages scholastic achievement. The College believes that knowledge, understanding, and their application are keys to a better future.

Integrity and Ethics

Palo Verde College maintains the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The College consistently demands respect, honesty and fairness in its educational programs, professional interactions and community relations.


Palo Verde College celebrates diversity in its students, in its faculty and staff, and in its community. Diversity enriches us all and strengthens our community.


Palo Verde College supports and encourages creativity and innovation.

Civic Responsibility

Palo Verde College supports the continuous development of civic responsibility.