Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

Spring ADN Program applications deadline: October 1 to October 31st, each year.

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Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)
Frequently Asked Questions


Please submit application forms to Margaret Robertson

When will the application be open?
  • Fully completed applications can be submitted October 1 to October 31st.
How many ADN students will be accepted into the program?
  • Twenty (20) students per year dependent upon the number of transitional students.
Do I have to be vaccinated?
  • Yes, students are required to be up to date with all vaccines and boosters, including COVID 19. This is mandated by the clinical sites.
Do science prereqs expire after 5 years?
  • No. However, students will utilize concepts from science courses to build a foundation in nursing. Students may want to consider re-enrolling in science courses over 5 years.
Can I be enrolled in my final prerequisites during the application period?
  • Yes, students must provide grades prior to the final acceptance into the program.
Will I have to travel for the clinicals?
  • Yes, there will be traveling involved. Palo Verde College has contracts with clinical facilities in and out of town. Students will have opportunities for fundraising to assist with transportation costs.
Will there be virtual options available?
  • No, all classes require students to be in the classroom or at the clinical site.
Do we have a class/clinical schedule yet?
  • Not yet. We are working with our facilities for their availability. Clinicals/labs, and theory classes will be scheduled after clinical site assignments are made.

LVN-ADN BRIDGE: Applications open May 1st through May 30th every year.

Will PVC have a bridge/transition program for current LVNs?
  • Yes! LVN to ADN bridge program is available.
When would I take the LVN-ADN transition course?
  • The Fall semester before you would enter the second year of the ADN program.
Can I finish my prerequisites at the same time as the LVN-ADN transition course?
  • Yes, as long as you complete the prerequisites before you begin the program.


How do I know if courses from another school will transfer over as ADN prerequisites?
  • Please contact our Transcript Evaluator in the Admissions Office.
Will MAT 110 cover the MAT 106 prereq?
  • Math minimum of 3 credits MAT 106, MAT 108, MAT 110, MAT 210, MAT 220, PSY 155
Can I transfer science prerequisites that do not match units of the same course from PVC?
  • The nursing department will evaluate the course description, content and outcomes; and collaborate with Admissions and Records to make sure the course is equivalent.


What score do I need on the TEAS?
  • A score of at least 62.5% over all TEAS score.
  • TEAS Score must be current (within the last two years).
Do I need to take the TEAS before I apply?
  • Yes, students are responsible for scheduling and paying for the TEAS on the website.

Please contact Margaret Robertson, 760-921-5473| for any questions.