Bloom's Taxonomy

Category Generic Skills Sample Verbs
Knowledge (Least complex competency)
  1. Observation and recall of information
  2. Knowledge of dates, events, places
  3. Knowledge of major ideas
  4. Mastery of subject matter
Define, describe, duplicate, identify, label, list, locate, match, memorize, name, recall, recognize, record, relate, repeat, reproduce, underline
  1. Understanding information
  2. Grasping meanings
  3. Translating knowledge into new context
  4. Interpreting facts, comparing and contrasting
  5. Ordering, grouping, inferring causes
  6. Predicting consequences
Classify, convert, describe, explain, express, give example(s), identify, indicate, interpret, locate, recognize, report, restate, review, rewrite, summarize, tell, translate
  1. Using information
  2. Using methods, concepts, theories in new situations
  3. Solving problems using required skills or knowledge
Apply, construct, dramatize, employ, illustrate, interpret, operate, practice, sketch, schedule, shop, solve, use, write
  1. Seeing patterns
  2. Organizing parts
  3. Recognizing hidden meanings
  4. Identifying components
Analyze, appraise, calculate, categorize, compare/contrast, criticize, debate, deduct, diagram, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, examine, experiment, infer, inspect, inventory, question, relate, solve, test
  1. Using old ideas to create new ones
  2. Generalizing from given facts
  3. Relating knowledge from several areas
  4. Predicting, drawing conclusions
Arrange, assemble, collect, combine, compose, construct, create, design, develop, formulate, manage, organize, plan, prepare, propose, rearrange, set up, synthesize, write