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Step 1: Apply for Admission to Palo Verde College - California Community Colleges

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid (Palo Verde College Federal School Code: 001259)



Free Federal Student Aid Applicaiton
California Dream Act Application

Eligibility: Students with citizenship or eligible noncitizen.
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  • Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to easily transfer your tax informa on to the FAFSA!
  • Who is my parent?
  • Am I an independent or dependent student?

Eligibility:Undocumented and nonresident students who meet AB 540 requirements may apply to the California Dream Act Application.

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Have Questions? Important Contacts for FAFSA! Have Questions? Important Contacts for CADAA!

Federal Student Aid Contact Center

California Student Aid Commission Student Support


Step 3: Complete Student File

What happens after I apply?

After an electronic FAFSA submission is processed by the Department of Education, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR), either by email or mail, from the Department of Education. (This is NOT an award). Provided that you have gone through the admissions process at our school, it will take at least two weeks before your FAFSA is linked to your record on the Palo Verde College Financial Aid database. Once received, The Financial Aid Office will use the information to determine if any further paperwork is necessary.

Verification: The Financial Aid Office is required to verify and confirm your financial aid eligibility prior to awarding a student their financial aid package. In some cases, additional documents may be required before your eligibility for aid can be determined. This process is referred to as Verification. The Financial Aid Office will contact you via email with requests for documents if verification is needed.

Financial Aid forms can be found online:

All complete student files will be awarded eligible funds for the school year based on assumed enrollment status and distributed evenly between the Fall and Spring terms. Disbursement amounts will depend on a student's enrollment level per semester. All financial aid funds that are processed are via check and distributed to students at the PVC Financial Aid Office or via US Mail upon verification of identity to the student address on file